27 Years of Editing and Translation

• Substantive English editing
• Critical Dutch-English translation

Contact SES at least two weeks in advance to arrange for article-sized work and allow an additional two weeks for completion of the work. Large-scale discount for work over 20,000 words. Surcharge for rush work.

Teaching, Training, Guest Lectures

• Professional Editing
Full-day workshop for teachers of academic writing, University of Twente, Enschede – September 2018
• So you think you can edit? Take the test
Breakout session at SENSE Conference for English-language professionals Utrecht – November 2015
• Professional Editing: What you can and should change
Full-day workshop Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) Amstelveen – May 2015
• Scientific Writing in English for Publication
Course given at Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES/Erasmus UMC Rotterdam) 2012, 2013, 2014
• Elements of Professional Language Editing
Full-day workshop Society of English Native-speaking Editors (SENSE) September 2014
• What does editing have to do with clear writing?
Presentation at SENSE Starter’s Day on how to succeed as a language professional – September 2013
• Elements of English Editing: An Introduction for Language Professionals
Half-day workshop Scientific Editing Service – May 2013
• Scientific Writing: Writing to be Read
Mini-workshop Dutch Midwifery Consortium Maastricht – March 2013
• Scientific Presentation in Papers
Mini-workshop Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences) Promovendi Network – January 2013

All courses and workshops come with specially developed templates and checklists. Not sure about the possible value of a course or workshop? Try an introductory lecture or mini-workshop first!


Lee Ann is an excellent teacher! In her SENSE workshop ‘The Elements of Professional Language Editing’ on September 24, 2014, she gave a complete overview of all aspects of editing. Although I have been editing scientific papers for more than 10 years, after her refresher course I felt I could continue editing with a renewed vigor. Her book ‘The Elements of English Editing’ is a handy companion to look up examples.

– Dr. Kamlesh Madan, retired Associate Professor of Clinical Cytogenetics

The Elements of Professional Editing workshop changed my perspective. I was immediately able to put what I learned to use in editing an academic text I was working on. The checklist is enormously helpful, not only because it reminds you of everything you should be looking for but also because you have a better awareness of what you do as a professional.

– Anne Hodgkinson, translator and editor