The Elements of English Editing: A Guideline to Clear Writing

A concise and handy reference book on how to deal with major obstacles to written communication. Richly illustrated with examples. For those who want to write clearly and succinctly in English. Also for editors and translators looking for explanations!

Based on decades of experience

First printing 2013
Second printing 2015
Third printing 2018

Ringbound with Editor’s Checklist for quick reference

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What readers are saying

The small size of The Elements of English Editing belies the power of the contents. While many editing texts only explain the theoretical issues that must be dealt with, this valuable book is packed with examples. This makes the theory much more accessbile and applicable. I find it an essential addition to my editing toolkit.

– Dr. Christina Flann, Academic Skills Lecturer, University Twente

The UT Language Centre invited Lee Ann to conduct a one-day workshop based on her handy little book: The elements of English editing – A guideline to clear writing. Her book avoids complicated linguistic jargon but illustrates the elements of clear writing in plain terms and with clear examples. Perfect for students at a technical university such as the University of Twente!

– Dr. ir. Aline Valster, Lecturer Academic Skills, University Twente

[…] One of the book’s strengths is the way it links the basics of grammar and syntax with the demands of effective argumentation. Numerous lively examples abound: Weeks and Bless make sure we will never mistake extra marital sex with extra-marital sex. Another plus: Weeks and Bless are particularly sensitive to our Dutch context, where “consequent” is so often used when “consistent” is meant, and where the passive voice is more acceptable than it is in Anglophone situations. The authors take a reasonably neutral attitude toward the differences between North American and British standards, and they offer useful introductions to desktop editing tools like those available from Adobe. [The book] is so compact that it will fit in a shoe or a stocking this holiday season and later in a laptop case. The compact yet comprehensive checklist […] is worth the price of this volume alone.

Holland Times review, Jonathan Gill, Lecturer American Studies, Amsterdam University College

In de wetenschap is het duidelijk verwoorden van de boodschap cruciaal. Ik vind het daarom belangrijk om aan mijn (Engelse) schrijfvaardigheid te werken en het boek van Lee Ann heeft me veel nieuwe inzichten gegeven. Door het lezen en gebruiken van dit boek heb ik ervaren dat ik meer inzicht heb gekregen in de werkwijze van een editor. En dat is handig, want met deze kennis en vaardigheden ben ik zelfverzekerder geworden in het schrijven. Nog belangrijker: het vergroot de kans dat ik goed begrepen wordt, ook door de editor van een wetenschappelijk journal.

– Dr. Willem Bossers, Postdoctoral researcher, University Medical Center Groningen

A very handy guide – amazingly complete. Sensible advice for professional editors of non-native English. Researchers with English as their second or third language should also buy this book.

– Andy Baxter, Creative director and founder Baxter Communications

I am thrilled with your book….You and Ann have put into writing several things that have been bothering me for years in the texts that I translate. I have never been able to confirm my ‘gut feelings’ with proper ‘rules’. Now I can tackle these problems with a lot more confidence….Thank you very much.

– Barbara Hendriks, translator

What a wonderful resource to have at my fingertips.

– A’na McGinley, freelance writer, book reviewer, blogger

I have already copied the checklist and set it next to my desk.

– Diane Schaap, translator and editor

This isn’t just a reference book; this is a “working” book. I like that.

– Lesley Walker, communications manager