28 years of clear research reporting!

Lee Ann Weeks is an American with a graduate background in psychology and linguistics, extensive research experience in both the USA and Europe (including the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics), and an eye for detail. She is fluent in Dutch, provides direct personalized service, and is specialized in the formulation of clear research reporting.

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I knew you were good, but again you surprised me! What a tremendous job you did. We could work easily with your translations. We were really happy with the results. It was a pleasure.

– Prof. dr. Femke Geijsel, Professor Leadership and Management in Education, University of Amsterdam; Associate Professor, Teachers Academy, Radboud University Nijmegen

It’s rare for an editor to know about psychology, linguistics, and statistics. Lee Ann has this fantastic ability to keep track of the general line of argumentation while attending to the smallest of details. I can highly recommend her services.

– Prof. dr. Hans van Balkom, Radboud University Nijmegen

Lee Ann has been a household word for me in Nijmegen, and it’s not surprising that she’s becoming one in Tilburg. We’ve worked together in a very pleasant and constructive way since 2000. If you need someone to translate your Dutch but also know what you are talking about, then Lee Ann’s the one. If you need someone to edit your English but also think along with you, then Lee Ann’s the one. I look forward to our continued cooperation.

– Prof. dr. Petri Embregts, Tilburg University, Director Treatment Innovation and Research Dichterbij

I have worked either directly or indirectly with Lee Ann since 1999. Her critical feedback and excellent English have contributed to the publication of numerous articles in top international journals. She quickly understands a topic. She tells us when a presentation is unclear. And she gives us exceptionally transparent alternatives….It is thus with good reason that Lee Ann has been asked to help more than 13 researchers with their dissertations at the IQ Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare (previously the WOK).

– Dr. Richard Grol, Professor Emeritus IQ Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare

We are very pleased with the translation (in so far that we can judge this as non-native speakers, of course) and also your questions and comments on the article. It’s great to have someone look critically at the article in addition to translating it. This brought a few important but unclear points to our attention.

Dr. Johan Luttenberg, Radboud University Nijmegen

As a native speaker, Lee Ann helped me with her professional services for many years…She also helped my direct colleagues at the Radboud University Nijmegen in an outstanding manner. Lee Ann has the talent and expertise to capture the specific meaning and connotations of a Dutch text and realize these in English….I can highly recommend her to fellow researchers and others.

Dr. Dolf van den Berg, Professor Emeritus Radboud University Nijmegen; affiliated with the Tias Nimbas Business School at Tilburg University

I originally approached Lee Ann to translate my popular science book Genieten Mag! Our introductory discussions showed Lee Ann to have an outstanding knowledge of the multidisciplinary field of psychophysiology….The exchange of ideas during the translation process was thorough and efficient….I have received many compliments on the translation, particularly from native speakers of English on the outstanding, easy to read, and clearly comprehensible text.

Dr. Jan Snel, Professor Emeritus, University of Amsterdam; author