28 years of Scientific Editing Service

More than 1200 articles, 65 dissertations and 12 books later, the motto is still the same: For science to be of value, it has to be published, read and understandable. Global competition for publication and length limitations on manuscripts have nevertheless made this more challenging than ever.

With editing, translation and training by SES, you can make your science more understandable.

Emphasis on clarity

SES pays careful attention to not only the quality of your English but also the logic, style and clarity of your writing.

Your colleagues do not have the time — or objectivity — to give your report the critical reading that it deserves. Your English may be excellent, but your writing could always be better. And reviewers are busier than ever, which means that they want to quickly see the relevance of your research and what it contributes.

SES has helped three generations of researchers communicate the importance of their research and is looking forward to helping a fourth generation.